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Workplace Climate

What we do

Inclusion by Design


Implement a leadership method for inclusion and diverse teams, based on the trust of your employees. You gain the knowledge and confidence you need to make impactful decisions when working towards an accountable organization.

Employer Brand

Gain competitive advantage by making your organization stand out as inviting, attractive and credible. You get customized tools and a deep understanding of how to develop your own offer.

Workplace Climate

Understand your team dynamics and the impact of diversity through social psychology and behavioural science. You get research based methods and knowledge on how to best make your employees develop and thrive.

Our priorities

With validated research and professional attentiveness we guide you in making impactful decisions

With inclusion as a method, validated research and a sensitivity to your needs, we guide you in making impactful decisions according to your business goals - making you an attractive employer.

When working with us you get access to a collective competence of organizational communication, social psychology, behavioral science, process management and development, sociology, organizational theory, media management and leadership.




Feedback from our clients


Chalmers University of Technology

Santiago Arellano, Head of unit and researcher

“I found the leadership training to be extremely interesting and important for my development as Head of unit and for creating a good relationship with my colleagues in a similar role.”

Tarsier Studios

Andreas Johnsson, CEO

“From the clouds of uncertainty that we had, Teller Agency’s coaching and structure helped us find long-term goals and concrete tasks to take steps forward. We will continue working with them.”

Department of Design Sciences, Lund University.

Charlotte Sjödell, Senior Lecturer

“We hired Teller Agency to develop our plans for working on gender equality, equal treatment and diversity. We had a very positive experience with them and would like to recommend them further.”

Let us turn your potential and abilities into confidence and action.

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1. Get in touch

Give us a call or write us an email and we will get back to you shortly.

2. First conversation

Let us know what you are thinking. We will ask you a series of questions to get an understanding of what it is you want to achieve.

3. Planning process

Based on your goals and your budget we provide you with a plan for what we can do to best suit your needs.

4. Delivery

Depending on the scope of the efforts, we are available for digital and/or on-site delivery. All our services are available in English or Swedish.

5. Feedback

We will follow up to debrief and analyse the implementations of our work to further improve the objective goals.

How we work

Our Process

Do you want to create a space for diversity and inclusion at your workplace?

Our Courses

Individual skills and training

We offer a number of crash courses open for anyone. You gain knowledge, learn new tools and tips and get to talk to others in your field of expertise on matters relevant to you. In the course, you will get answers on where to start and what activities give the most results.

Confident leadership

How can you build trust, create safe spaces and develop as a leader of diverse teams? Get inspiration and advice from other leaders and take the opportunity to talk about challenges and possibilities together.

Employer brand

How can you refine your offer to attract the most interesting talents and create ambassadeurs within your organization? Our specialists guide you in building an employer brand based on your best advantages.

Workplace climate

How can you create an inclusive atmosphere where your employees will thrive? Learn about how behavioral perspectives and psychological mechanisms affect us at work, and what to do about it.

Recruitment techniques

How can you combine goals around gender equality and diversity with skill requirements in your recruitment ads? Our educators will teach you how inclusive communication can reach your specific target groups.

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