A training program for the IT sector - with the purpose to learn how to communicate attractive workplaces to female and non-binary developers, and to know how to shape a gender equal workplace.

Project scope

Pink Programming has a vision of an equal IT industry where women and non-binaries are as frequent employees as men. So we teamed up - combining the extensive experience of Pink Programming’s developers with our expertise on how to attract and retain underrepresented genders in a male dominated industry. 

“I just want to tune into the tribute choir - thank you for all the hands on tools and methods”

To create a material that really catered to the needs of the companies, we conducted focus group interviews with Pink Programming’s volunteers, all with a wide spread of experience both within the field and around the world - volunteers who would later on become our co-trainers for the training sessions. Our cooperation with Pink Programming showed to be both fun and spot on, meeting the questions raised by the participants.

The comprehensive program is now a permanent part of Pink Programming’s offer. It is aimed at IT industry managers and HR representatives and covers not only how to attract underrepresented genders, but also how to make them thrive and want to stay in the organization. The training program contains tools and methods applicable to any IT work environment, no matter if you work with IT consulting, as a startup or if you are in the games industry.

“Teller Agency is both professional and fun to work with. They have extensive knowledge in their field which they easily translate into practice. In addition to creating high-quality education material with us, they have confirmed our members' experiences and how they can address the structural problems. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Teller Agency.”

Helena Wiedling Fernandes, acting managing director and board member

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