Quantitative and qualitative methods gave results leading to a deeper understanding of what actions to take in reaching the goal of a gender equal department.


Department of Electrical Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology

Project scope

We have an ongoing commitment working with the Department of Electrical Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology. It started in 2018 when we carried out a thorough review of the department's recruitment process, internal communication, employer brand and workplace climate. The review has, among other things, consisted of individual interviews as well as group interviews, an employee survey and a screening of the various parts of the recruitment process and associated materials.

“The work with the consultants from Teller Agency has given us a prerequisite for working with our gender equality work. The effort has been of extremely great value.”

Anders Karlström, Head of Department

Based on the results of the review analysis, several reports were designed. These contained tailored method proposals and recommendations for a more inclusive and efficient skill supply. All in accordance with the department's own objectives of reaching a gender equal department. The results were all presented during a training session with the management team, recruiting managers, communication officers and human resource specialists. To ensure understanding and measurable progress when it comes to recruitment, templates for increased inclusion in advertisements and interviews have also been developed for further use within the organization.

To build an even stronger employer brand, we conducted interviews about the workplace climate in order to build a credible communication material, based on the employees' own experiences. In a concluding workshop together with human resource specialists and communication officers, it was defined how the employer brand can be communicated to interesting target groups.

“Teller Agency's consultants are professionals at their fingertips, always available, quick-footed and providers of good energy. Highly recommended!"

Sara Paulsson, HR Specialist

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