A variety of efforts ranging from inclusive branding and complete process oversights to compiling research on workplace climate has led to an award winning employer brand.

Project scope

We have worked as a strategic partner to E.ON Sweden's People Attraction, Development & Analytics department since 2018. The focus of the cooperation is on supporting social sustainability, inclusion and diversity. 

During our partnership, we have provided several services and advisory. With a starting point in inclusion and gender equality we have reviewed processes in skills supply systems and regularly analyzed communication material linked to the employer brand - among other things the complete E.ON career site. During the covid pandemic we also compiled current research material on gender equal remote working to plan for E.ON’s future workplace.

Interviews with HR partners and selected employees have been conducted to identify and suggest how E.ON can work strategically to become an even more attractive employer. The department has gained access to useful tools for bringing new perspectives into the daily work of inclusive recruitment.

E.ON Sweden has received several awards in the area of ​​employer branding.

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